Quiz EMF & Covid

“Help science evolve by taking this simple COVID/EMF relationship quiz”

Today we invite you to participate to research by answering to this simple quiz*:

The more answers we have, the better we will understand the possible impact of electromagnetic fields on the evolution of COVID, as suspected by some scientific studies. (1,2,4,5)

Why this quiz?

We have already identified numerous biological markers revealing the phenomenon of electromagnetic stress, which demonstrate a clear impact of electromagnetic fields on immunity.(3)

A few recent studies also raise the question of a relationship between the density of COVID cases and the location of 5G relay points.

Confirming this suspicion with your testimonies will encourage us to communicate on this subject, to publish more studies, and to create real awareness among health agencies.

What we are trying to assess is the protective effect of our magnetic oscillators confronted to viral pandemics:


A first questionnaire conducted in France by one of our distributors gave very encouraging results of the impact of CMO on the moderation of the risk of being infected.

We would like to confirm these data by extending this survey to an international level, which is why we are asking you for your input.

We thank you in advance for your contribution, and we will inform you of the results obtained and the conclusions of this survey.