How it works

What is C.M.O technology and how does it work?

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CMO technology is before anything the best EMF protection on the market since over 20 years. It gained the reputation to be “The historical and scientific reference in terms of EMF compensation”.

Integrative Health Practitioners have used it and proposed to their patients in almost every country, but it is recently (during the Conference we offered at the Health Optimization Summit in London (UK) that the biohacking community realized what a tool it was for biohackers and performers: as you will read in the next tabs or at the Page: Performance, you will understand that besides just protecting from exposure to EMF, CMO technology has the capacity to stabilize ion-protein imbalances caused by artificial fields.

The inventor, Mr. Maurice FILLION-ROBIN, thirty years ago, realized how the future of electromagnetic communication would impact human beings. at this time, probably the most advance researchers in this field were Russian teams, and Mr. Maurice Fillion Robin started to work closely with Pr Vladimir Binhi, as well as Dr Stepanov or one of the leading authorities on Russian EMF authority: Pr Yuri Grigoriev. He then founded a team of international researchers who were experts in this field, and whose mission was:

  • To evaluate and to measure the impact of artificial EMF on biological systems
  • To identify the interactions between the cells and electromagnetic fields and explore their mechanisms.
  • To propose an efficient technology able to compensate for the adverse effects due to the exposure to electromagnetic fields  

The following pages will help you understand how such a simple object apparently, is charged with a concentrate of the latest innovative technologies.


It is not always easy to explain scientific facts to a non-specialized audience: the vulgarization of scientific data forces to simplify processes to the limit of rigor; but here we prefer to emphasize on the intellectual concept, rather than scientific facts, so please, for clarification always refer to our scientific files where the “raw” scientific  information is available: we decided to publish on this site, in total transparency, all the research done for the last 20 years that allows us to make the claims we make: please, visit this page: Science Behind

We also want to clarify few points: The only scientific facts that we have, are the research results on the effects of artificial EMF on the organism, and the efficiency of the CMO technology, proven by measurements of significant markers.

 This work has been published in peer review papers. Now, we tend to understand what is happening and what mechanisms are involved, and we consulted several experts and quantum physicists to help us come to conclusions: among these conclusions,  we must bring up concepts of “water memory”, “phases of water”, EZ water, coherent domains, quantum mechanics etc..  that are all scientific models proposed by researchers, 

 It always takes time before the entire scientific community validates such concepts: so far as it is not universally accepted by the entire scientific community, these brilliant scientific discoveries are defined as “theoretical models”.

Based on such research results, the inventor was able to understand the mechanisms by which EMF interfere with our organisms and what biological parameters were affected.

Such results have been published in peer review scientific papers and congresses and can be downloaded by clicking on this link:

But this only takes care of supporting the claims of efficiency: what about understanding “how it works“. You may have noticed that the apparatus has no wiring, it is not plugged to our body: so the very first common question is: how does a device can communicate with the human cells? The explanation of these questions is precisely given in the five tabs at the top of this page.