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How does it work ?

How can our cells be sensitive to extremely weak fields when the actual official science claims that if there is no thermal effect, there cannot be biological effects?

How do I know it’s working?

Why do I need to worry about EMF’s?

Why does the Industry and Authorities claim that mobile phones, Wi-Fi and Smart meters are safe?

How long do the devices work, lifespan ?

How does CMO help?

What proof is there that CMO works?

Has CMO got official recognition?

How does CMO technology compare with other devices that claim to protect from EMFs?

How long will it take to notice any difference?

How can it work with no battery or power supply?

The standard on electromagnetic fields is based on the S.A.R., how to explain that the CMOs are effective while the S.A.R is not modified?

What is in CMOs?

Which CMO for which application?

What guarantee do I have from you?

Are CMOs made in France?

Why so many different protections, does it cancel the effects of each other?

Does the CMO have an influence on the quality in transmission or reception of my devices (telephone, Wi-Fi network, …)?

I change my phone (or computer); can I keep the same CMO?

Can the CMO for mobile phones be placed onto the protective cover case ?

Does the “Multi-Function” (MF04 & MF05 HARMONY + TR26 are all Multi Function) cone do it all?

How does it work ?

Does the MF04 also protect nearby Wi-Fi bases?

When I’m on the train, a lot of people use their phones around me. Which CMO do I need?

Can I fly with my CMOs?

Is my CMO still effective after a shock? (like falling on the ground)

Does using CMO oscillators adds extra pollution to the existing electrosmog ?

What temperatures are supported by CMOs?

Is the SP21 AIRCALL a CMO ?