How Stochastic resonance collaborate to optimize CMO Efficiency ?

Definition : “Stochastic resonance (SR) constitutes a cooperative phenomenon, whereby the addition of noise to a periodic signal measured by a nonlinear-bi-stable (or multi-stable) system can, paradoxically, boost the detected signal


The signal that comes out of our oscillators (C.M.O) is in the range of biological frequencies, but with an extremely weak intensity: to be able to read and measure the strength of such signal, we had to ask a laboratory to perform a SQUID reading, (Super Quantum Interference Device): the reading shows a frequency around the 12 Hz at an intensity of about 150 Femtotesla. One of the major assets in COMOSYSTEMS’s research field, was about the stabilization of signals in aqueous solutions: we can call it “water memory”: we performed a laboratory testing exactly after 2 years of using one CMO, and we had the proof that the biological efficacy of the CMO remain identical  et gave the same experimental results than the same solution two years before. This is the reason why we give a 2 years guarantee, based on this scientific fact. Now, our experience of over 20 years of satisfied users make us think that most likely, the CMO is a long lasting  technology.

We already understand that two factors are optimizing the interaction of the CMO:

  • The extreme sensitivity of ion channels to very weak EM fields
  • The resonance of coherent domains that allows long distance interaction

But a third mechanism, that does not belong to our technology, is a very ancient evolutionary  adaptation  tool,  called “stochastic resonance”: stochastic resonance exists in all of our biological systems, including in ion channels*: the function of stochastic resonance is first to increase the strength and clarity of a very weak signal mixed in a background biological noise. But the wonder is that stochastic resonance not only increase the intensity of weak signals, but it self-tunes to it by adjusting upper and lower thresholds, until, like the tuner of a radio station, it focuses on this particular frequency.

Ref: *(Noise and stochastic resonance in voltage-gated ion channels: Robert K. Adair)

We can illustrate the three levels of biological activity according to the 3 states:

  1. Human body “not expose to artificial waves”, only to natural waves (unfortunately, this situation almost never happen anymore, since the vast majority of the planet is bombarded with all types of artificial waves) = HOMEOSTASIS IS MAINTAINED
  2. Human body exposed to artificial electromagnetic waves= DISTURBED HOMEOSTASIS
  3. Human body exposed to artificial EMF but protected with the CMO technology = HOMEOSTASIS is RESTORED.

See illustrations below (extracted from our last conference at Health Optimization Summit London 2019)

In the following examples, we shall explain how stochastic resonance can amplify the CMO signals by adding noise. An ion channel sensor will be exposed to natural electromagnetic fields (such as the earth geomagnetic fields or the inner noise of cells and systems in the body. Then it will be exposed to artificial, polarized electromagnetic fields, such as Wi-Fi or any man-made electromagnetic field. Last, the ion channel’ sensor will be exposed to the same artificial fields, but with the contribution of the Compensating Magnetic Oscillator (CMO) from COMOSYSTEMS; the efficiency of the apparatus will be revealed by the appropriate maintenance of the homeostasis ( balanced distribution of ions in our biological systems).

Example 1 : the extremely sensitive sensors of V.G.I.C (voltage-gated ion channels) as explain previously by Pr Martin Pall will “detect” natural electromagnetic fields (such as Schumann resonance, or the electromagnetic noise of the cells and organs*. Since the body during evolution has identified these natural waves as “not threatening”, the ion channel keeps the homeostasis maintained. *( The overall range of resonant frequencies of the human body was found to be from 62 to 68 Hz and independent of mass, height and mass to height ratio).

Example 2 : here, the ion channel’s sensor is exposed to artificial, man-made, modulated and polarized electromagnetic fields from a local GSM android: these signals, on the scale of evolution, is just a foreign, unkown artifical form of radiation, and the ion channel can’t cope with this: this polarized field acts as a “virus”, and disturb the ion channel distribution: it is called “electromagnetic stress”, a leading factor of inflammation through peroxidation. Homeostasis is not maintained.

Example 3 : same as above, but this time there is a MF05 HARMONY DEVICE (Compensating Magnetic Oscillator) nearby the source of radiation: the extremely weak field (non-polarized) of the CMO compensate and corrects the signals so as to maintain homeostasis: about 120 different types of signals allows to stabilize the ion distribution in cells. The body is generally in the same conditions as in Example 1 : free of any impact due to electromagnetic stress.