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Due to the new rules concerning the COVID-19, the conference is postponed to July 24 th, July 25th, July 26th 2020. COMOSYSTEMS and all the team is waiting for you at our booth. Dont hesitate to book an interview with us:

COMOSYSTEMS is officialy invited to represent CMO technology to the DAVE ASPREY 7th BIOHACKING CONFERENCE in Beverly Hills, CA. USA on March 27-28-29, 2020. Influencers are welcome to meet us at our stand and consult our affiliate program.


Our experience at the H.O.S conference was such a positive one: we met the most wonderful people: there is something special in this event: I would call it a “high positive vibrational level” that give a real sense of magic: this event was really a “kick start” for us. Thanks to beautiful people like Tim Gray, Pete Bauman, Dasha Maximov, the whole COMOSYSTEMS UK team, Roger Meacock, Grahame Simpson and Catherine Simpson for their brilliant sense of public relation and organization. For these reason, we are registering for the next HEALTH OPTIMIZATION SUMMIT with Tim Gray on September 2020: a good place to be. Michel Aerts.

  1. Expert opinion on CMO TechnologyProf. Marc HENRY Marc HENRY is a teacher-researcher and professor at the University of Strasbourg where he teaches chemistry, materials science and quantum physics.(UMR 7140); Marc Henry has been interested in water throughout his career. Author of a book on Water  and Quantum Physics : « L’eau et la physique quantique – Vers une révolution de la médecine » Broché – 3 septembre 2016  de Marc Henry (Auteur) Editions DANGLES Profile :
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  3. Water and electromagnetism, the point of view of science

Can the electromagnetic waves around us affect our health?

In this lecture given at Hochfelden during the spring of 2014, Marc Henry develops the health consequences of exposure to extra-low frequency electromagnetic waves in relation with the structuring of water in areas of coherence sensitive to the fields. electromagnetic. Marc Henry talks about  CMO : 1h21’52Summary: “Of all the protection systems that I have been able to study, only the “ComoSystems” device seems credible to me. Experiments have been made with ants, with the protection system, without the protection system, and we can see that the ants are returning to normal behavior [see the video: So these are systems that can protect your home and the people who live in it. Of course, we will have to do further studies to find out if there are no frequency bands where we could really have no effect, but in the meantime, there is enough evidence for worry about an ever increasing exposure to electromagnetic waves. The best is to protect yourself, especially if you are a pregnant woman or with children. I had the opportunity to test in the laboratory the effectiveness of CMO systems and we can see that there is an effect on water and living things. The operating principle is based on an autonomous oscillator (passive resonator) which emits an “ultra-weak” ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) magnetic field when subjected to a “pollutant” electromagnetic field. These hyper weak magnetic fields target the ion-protein complexes, which they help to maintain the integrity by a resonance effect. The device was therefore designed with scientific knowledge published in various scientific journals and based on quantum field physics. We would like the many other companies that market EMF systems to do the same. ComoSystems is therefore a serious company that has a scientific approach to the problem and proposes original solutions, which motivates my interest and my support.

To download this study, click here: Coherence Domains in Living Systems by George Czerlinskiand Rene Ryba Return to