By definition the C.M.O Technology ( stands for Compensating Magnetic Oscillator was designed purely to prevent artificial fields in our modern environment from interacting adversely with our health. And for the last twenty years, this CMO has been the reference among naturopaths, osteopaths, alternative or integrative health professionals. Like everybody, when we first heard about “biohackers”, we thought it was about some” loony idealists” ready to skip any medical norms and to self-injected SUPERMAN’s DNA and eventually risk their own life. This was before…

Today, the “loonies” have become a mainstream community transforming and even taking power over the future of innovation in biotechnologies. Moreover, we also realized “biohackers” were people like you and I, who just care for health, and disagree with the fatality to become old, ugly, and sick.. not only are they in a quest to “keep the doctor out of the house”, but there are also performers, with quantified objectives, and a very realistic approach of “getting better”.

One night, this “poped up in my mind”: I realized for the first time that in fact, we had a fantastic tool perfectly designed for biohackers ! Whatever is a biohacker objective, goal, he will be in one of these 2 situations*:

  • exposed to artificial fields, we know the list of biological markers that will affect his metabolism and his psychological state: we have measured it !
  • exposed but protected with our technology, the performer will start with a good advance compared to the person unprotected, and logically will reach higher goals or objectives.

*(We voluntarly removed the 3rd situation, that would be “not exposed”because there is almost no place on this planet to live completely away from any artificial electromagnetic field)

So, not only will you prevent the installation of chronic stress leading to a large panel of pathologies, but also you will have much more chances to attain what is your aim. There are fantastic new treatments, technologies, diet programs, food supplement to intelligently put you in an improve condition, but by protecting you with the CMO, you also give a much higher chance that these programs and products beneficiate to your organism and become even more effective.

We gave a conference in London last September 2019 in London (UK) at the Health Optimization Summit, and we exactly explained what is above during the 3 days: we were amazed to realize the level of interest and motivation in our technology: we have been sollicited by the majority of biohackers and influencers. We met with a close contact of DAVE ASPREY, and they immediatly decided to put thousands of one of our products in their December Q-Box ( .

The two tabs” of this section will take you to the physical and psycho-physiological measured markers demonstrating thus the optimization of your health leading to performances. This is possible by the compensation of ion distribution inbalances, as explained in the section “how it works”.