Water & Ions

Water & Ions : The media

Now, another question is: ” what media is common to the CMO and to the human body? what is the link that allows for an interaction ?”

The answer is WATER

The body is made of about 99.8 % of water. 

The CMO is an aqueous solution made principally of water and salts (ions such as magnesium, sodium, silica etc..).

Pr Marc Henry, of University of Strasbourg, gives regularly lectures and conferences on the electromagnetic properties of water, including biological water: he is one of the main lecturer in international water conferences, very often surrounded by speakers like Pr Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize) on the “memory of water”, or Pr Pollack etc..

He explains what the real proportions at the molecular level are:

 look at the number below: roughly, you have 22 billion proportions of water for only 1 million of ions in one bacteria from the gut. This demonstrate that our body is made essentially of water, with few ions..

For those who would like to go deeper in this type of information, we highly recommend that you listen to the conference of Pr Marc Henry: Water and Electromagnetism : the information above is fully developed in his conference.

Actually, if you go to this timing : 1 Hour 21 ’52 seconds, Pr Marc Henry talks about our technology. He also validates the scientific model used in CMO technology.