CMO technology rely on the most recent scientific discoveries, including several domains that are not fully explored or explained: quantum physics, coherent resonance, water memory, stochastic resonance: these topics are still in debate, and this is why Comosystems oriented its research not on unexplained phenomena but on measurable biological reality: any sensible technology cannot be justified just by referring to vague concepts: today, too many claims are based on theoreticals models. But theory is theory, it is not a proof. The only way an inventor can gain credibility in this context, is by bringing evidences of efficiency.

When you adress an issue like EMF protection, there is only one single possibility:

  • prooving that the exposure of artificial electromagnetic fields DOES affect several biological parameters as well as behavioral patterns, and MEASURE in what proportions, then present your results to a scientific comitee who will examine your work, and, if the results are coherent with what is known to be true, allow you to pubish the results in scientific journals or explain it in scientific congresses.
  • prooving that the use of the CMO technology compensate efficiently the damages or unbalances generated by this exposure, MEASURE this compensation, then, present your work to a scientific commitee who will examine your work, and, if the results are coherent with what is known to be true, allow you to publish the results in scientific journals or to explain it in a scientific congress.

If you do not have the above mandatory conditions to prove the efficiency of any technology, then all the claims done would be PURE FANTASY.

Users must understand this point and learn, educate themselves to discriminate the difference between a scientifically backed up claim from a pure fantasy claim.

Picture above : Left to right: Inventor: M. Maurice FILLION-ROBIN, Dr Marco F.PAYA, Nobel Prize Pr Luc Montagnier

The two following sections (Science behind and Science to come” will introduce all the research done for the last 15 years. You can also download the scientific file “Presentation of the CMO technology” at the Page “Downloads“.

Science behind: The research was initiated by the founders of Comosystems Mr M. Fillion-Robin and two medical doctors: Dr (PhD) Marco F.Paya, our scientific director, member of the N.Y Royal Academy of Sciences, specialized in pain management, and himself an early E.H.S (electrohypersensitive), and Dr (PhD) Rene Messagier, specialized on homeopathy and physiology. This research includes recent experiments made at University Libre of Bruxelles(Belgium) by Mme M.C.Cammaerts, a wordwide expert on insects (bees and ants): the experiments (video avaiblabe in page Downloads) shows spectacular reaction of ant colonies exposed to a WiFi router, and then protected with CMO: don’t miss this amazing video.

Science to come: Dr (PhD) Rene Messagier who took over the general direction of the company this year, just retired from his practice and dedicates today all his time to extend the research on CMO technology. One of the main topics he will develop is of course an appreciation of the reality of 5G: in a recent travel where he tried to experiment the biological impact of 5G, he was forced to join the conclusions of W.Webb in “The 5G Myth”: we visited several cities in Switzerland, in Spain, in Italy and in France (Lyon): regardless of the “official information” stating that 5G was already operating in some areas, there was not one single antenna emiting under 5G protocols: we shall have to actualize this information, of course, but, today, there is not such a “5G”, but much more an optimized “4G”.

To understand, you must know that the potential, and UNKNOWN danger of 5G will reside in a full integration of an army of tiny antenna: because millimeter waves can’t even cross a tree or a wall of bricks. Also, the beamforming, beamtracking, the MASSIVE MIMO, the IoT are all aggravating factors that may render 5G more harmfull: but to this date, there just no 5G.

So, we are very attentive to any new progress in the 5G integration, but our belief if there is more fear and fantasy than a real “extra-danger”. If there should be a danger, it would relate to the millimeter waves: it appears that our skin sweat ducts are tiny antennas that resonate with millimeter waves. We are currently working on this topic.

We have many other topics in the “tube”, such as EMF and diabetes, EMF and Heart Rate Variability, EMF and autism, etc.

Always check this section for new updates.