Coherent Domains

Coherent Water Domains

To explain partially the phenomenon, it is mandatory to illustrate what is a COHERENT DOMAIN.

Anyone who has ever watched a school of fish in the ocean can understand what coherence is.  Each fish is free to move independently, yet the group responds simultaneously—as a whole.  It is as though the fish follow an unseen conductor, yet no conductor exists. In the world of physics, this kind of relationship is referred to as quantum coherence. At the smallest (quantum) level, there is unity and cooperation (coherence). This allows individual components to respond together as a larger unit.

What is Coherence?

Nature uses a combination of forces to establish and to sustain coherence. Cyclic or spiral movement is paramount. When water molecules cycle within electromagnetic fields, they are forced to align and re-align within the field.  This is because water is a polar substance—with a positive and a negative pole. Each cycle refines the structure of the system. Eventually, water molecules “find their place” within a coherent domain and even though molecules may occasionally be relocated, the system as a whole, is not disturbed.  The same is true within a school of fish.  Predators can temporarily disturb the organization. However, it does not take long before organization re-establishes itself.  This is coherence. Water responds very similarly in its living state.

coherent domains

Coherence is a concept widely used in the science and technology of lasers: it was later also found to exist in biology. Coherence defines groups of electromagnetic waves (such as light) where all waves coincide in phase and time. Lasers have one perfect and one leaky reflector permitting waves to escape. On the other hand, in biology the coherence domains (CDs) have two perfect reflectors thus keeping the energy from escaping over long periods of time. Subsequently, the lifetime of coherence in lasers is just a few ns, while in CDs it is a few giga-seconds (Gs) or more! This difference has a vast implication for coherence domains in biochemistry.

Source: Coherence Domains in Living Systems by George Czerlinskiand Rene Ryba: you can download the PDF in the Downloads” tab: “CD in Living Systems”

As a conclusion, part of the interaction between our body and the CMO, comes from C.D in the aqueous solution that resonate with the water in our cells.