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According to the RGPD European Law:

Privacy Policy

(Last update : November 27th. 2019)

We, at  COMOSYSTEMS SL, along  with our distributors and legal representatives of our brand (together, “COMOSYSTEMS”), we respect your concerns regarding confidentiality.

This Privacy Policy  describes the types of personal information we collect about consumers, how we can use them and with whom we can share them. This policy  also describes the measures we take to protect personal information. In addition, we specify how you can request (i) access to the personal information we keep about you, or their modification, (ii) or the withdrawal of your previously provided consent, (iii) or so that we may abstain not  to send you certain communications; and (iv) finally, to answer any questions you may have about our privacy practices.

Our privacy practices may vary between the countries or territories in which we operate to reflect local practices and legal requirements.

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Contents :

1 / The information we get

  2 / How we use this information obtained

  3 / Advertising based on your interests

  4 / Information we share

  5 / Your options

  6 / Access and corrections

  7 / Places and services that are not COMOSYSTEMS

  8 / Data transfers

  9 / How we protect personal information

  10 / Updates to our Privacy Policy

  11 / How to communicate with us

1 / The information we get

We may obtain personal information from consumers (such as your name, contact information and payment information) in connection with various activities, such as (i) use of COMOSYSTEMS websites and applications, (ii) requests information on protection products and their applications, shipping activities, including delivery of shipments, (iii) requests for tracking shipments or answering questions, (iv) events in which we participate, such as fairs and conventions; (v) promotions and other offers; and (vi) calls to customer service and accounting centers that may be registered.

    The types of personal information we can obtain are:

    • Individual and business contact information (such as name, company name, physical address, email address, and telephone or fax numbers).

    • Shipping information (such as [i] shipping details, such as the name, physical address, email address, and phone number of the customer, recipient, and / or your neighbor , [ii] the signature for the delivery receipt, [iii] the customer account number in the online sales platform and [iv] the information provided to us to help us access the locations in which we deliver products and information provided to us regarding the content of certain items, but only to the extent that an identifiable person can be linked to such content.

    • Information that allows us to verify the identity of a person

    • Names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers of other people who are asked to send information

    • Information provided in response to investigations

    • Username, password, and other credentials used to access products in our product catalog.

 • Username, password, bank account number for the use of our affiliate program (Idevaffiliate)

    • Aliases of social networks, content and other data published on our social media pages, or elsewhere on the Internet (as in other public places), and information (such as e-mail and email addresses). other information) that you allow to be shared that we obtain through COMOSYSTEMS SL applications, tools, widgets, and add-ins (including third-party sign-in services, such as “Login with Facebook” “Login with Instagram”, “Login with Twitter”, “Login with Youtube channel” etc..

• The geographic location of your mobile device if you use certain features of our apps

    • Payment information (including credit card details, number of online payment services and billing address) and financial information (such as bank account numbers)

    • Tax ID  number in the circumstances in which you request products or services for which this information is required or which is related to certain promotions or raffle prizes.

    • Other personal information that may be provided to us to obtain a COMOSYSTEMS SL product.

 2 / How we use this obtained information:

    We may use the information we obtain for the following:

    • Deliver or deliver ordered products on our website or by email.

    • Inform service and customs providers such as carriers, freight forwarders, etc.

    • Process and collect payments

    • Provide customer service, answer your questions and comments, and communicate with you about these products.

    • We will send you the delivery tracking information of your orders provided by our shipping platform: https://www.jmfieldmarketing.com/

J.M. Field Marketing

Address: 3570 NW 53rd Court

Fort Lauderdale

Florida 33309

    • Set up and manage your COMOSYSTEMS customer account (including your online account on : https://biohacking.comosystems.com/

and its various functions, such as the address book and the billing center.

    • Offer products that might interest you

    • Inform about special events, conventions, training, our participation in trade shows and other offers or promotions.

    • Allow you to publish on our blogs and interact with COMOSYSTEMS via social networks.

    • Send information to your contacts if you ask

    • Process claims we receive as part of customer service.

    • Exploit, evaluate and improve our business (including the development of new products and services, the management of our communications, the determination of the effectiveness of our sales, marketing and advertising, the analysis and improvement of our products, services, websites and applications, guaranteeing the security of our networks and information systems, the performance of accounting, auditing, billing, conciliation and collection activities, and the improvement and maintenance of the quality of our customer service).

    • Conduct data analysis (including market and consumer research and analysis, trend analysis and characterization, financial analysis and anonymization of personal information)

    • Provide protection against, identify and prevent scams and other prohibited and illegal activities, claims and responsibilities

    • Comply with our policies and legal requirements

    • Participate, exercise and defend legal requests

    • Check and report compliance issues

   3 / Advertising based on your interests

    In our websites and applications, we may collect information about your online activities (cookies) that will be used to provide advertisements for products and services tailored to your personal interests. This is only a potentiality because we do not currently use this possibility.

    You may see some ads on other sites either because you are in a country where an independent distributor represents our brand and sells our products exclusively.

4 / Information we share:

    We do not sell or share any personal information about you, except as described in this Privacy Policy . To perform our ordered product delivery services, we share shipping information with third parties, such as shippers, recipients, third parties in charge of payments and recipients.

    We may also share the personal information we obtain with our resellers and marketing partners. These entities, which are collectively referred to in the “Comosystems Partners” section, may use information for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. We may share physical location data with business partners and other third parties of Comosystems, for example, to improve the updating of our offers and promotions.

    Information collected through third-party applications, tools, widgets, and add-ons (such as information obtained by logon services or third parties relating to the use of the “Like” Facebook button) are collected directly by the suppliers of these characteristics. This information is subject to the privacy policies specific to those providers, and Comosystems is not responsible for the information practices of those providers.

    In all these circumstances, we process the information in accordance with the agreement with our customers.

    We may also disclose information about you (i) if required by law, regulation or legal process (such as court order or subpoena); (ii) in response to requests from government agencies, such as law enforcement authorities; or (iii) where we believe that such disclosure is necessary or appropriate to prevent physical harm or financial loss or as part of an investigation into possible or actual illegal activity. We reserve the right to transfer any information about you if we sell or transfer all or any of our business or assets, (even in the event of a reorganization or liquidation process).

5 / Your options:

    You may at any time withdraw your consent or opposition to the use of your data described above, when creating your account via the dedicated opposition links when creating an account.

   Then at any time :

    Via our “Contact us” form in the home page footer or at the top of the page.

     Moreover you can contact us:

    By mail * to:



    Reyes Catolicos 31 Planta A 2 Piso. 03003 ALICANTE. SPAIN.

    * Do you proceed by email or mail? Remember that you will have to give us your last name, first name, email address and mentioning the reason for your request and / or the right you wish to exercise. To understand your request, we invite you to specify one or more reasons (eg stop email, opposition to sharing with third parties for targeted advertising, deletion of my account, …).

6 / Access and corrections

    In accordance with the regulations on the protection of personal data, you can exercise your rights (access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation and portability if necessary) and define the fate of your personal data via our contact form at the bottom of the page.

    In order to allow us to answer quickly, we thank you to indicate us your name, first name, email, and your address.

    Some requests to exercise your rights (right of access) must be accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document bearing your signature to verify your identity and specify the address to which you must receive the response. An answer will be sent to you within 1 month of receiving the request.

    At any time during the risk analysis conducted by COMOSYSTEMS S.L in the framework of fraud prevention, you will be able to present your observations. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (A.E.P.D) and its electronic network by clicking on this link: https://sedeagpd.gob.es

    COMOSYSTEMS has a Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO) to ensure the protection of personal data. You can contact the COMOSYSTEMS Personal Data Protection Officer at the email address: dpo@comosystems.com  

Or by postal carrier at this address:



    Reyes Catolicos 31 Planta A 2 Piso. 03003 ALICANTE. SPAIN.

 To better understand your options to unsubscribe from any advertising generated by the selection of your interests, you will need:

    – in the footer of our mailings, click on the unsubscribe option,

    – go to our site in the “My Account” section, and correct your “Privacy Preferences” by checking the choices that concern you

    – write an email to the data controller, who will do it for you: dpo@comosystems.com

    – simply send your credentials to: cancelsubscription@comosystems.com

  By law, you may obtain a copy of certain personal information that we maintain about you or update or correct inaccuracies in such information through your account in “My Account” on https://biohacking.comosystems.com/

  In order to protect your privacy and maintain your security, we will take steps to verify your identity and / or we will ask you to provide further details before granting you access to the information. In addition, if you believe that the personal information we keep about you is not accurate, subject to applicable law, you may have the right to request that we correct or change it if you contact us as described above.

7 / Places and services that are not COMOSYSTEMS :

    For your convenience and information, our websites and apps may contain links to places that are not COMOSYSTEMS or that may be operated by companies that are or are not affiliated with COMOSYSTEMS. These companies may have their own privacy notices or policies, which we strongly suggest you review. Our services can also be made available via other external channels. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of places or services that are unrelated to COMOSYSTEMS.

    The following locations use the graphic charts, the names, the brands of our products with our agreement, under contract, but they are companies independent of COMOSYSTEMS: we only share data with them with your agreement materialized by a form leaving you the choice to accept or refuse the transfer of your information:

    www.ecobasegmbh.eu (distribution Austria)

    https://gesundheitsbote-nrw.de/cmo-der-magnetische-ausgleichsoszillator/ (Distributor Germany)

    http://www.ohm-electrocare.nl/ (distributor for the Netherlands)

    https://www.stresscleaner.com (distributor for Italy and Austria)

     http://www.tecnoao-asia.com (distributor for Japan)

    www.cem-vivant.com (distributor for France and Belgium)

    http://www.silicium-organique.net (sub-distributor France)

    http://users.skynet.be/fa526031/cem-vivant.html (sub-distributor Belgium)

    http://www.okinaha.com (sub-distributor Belgium)

    http://www.lemieuxetre.ch/ (distributor for Switzerland)

    https://di-kala.ch (sub-distribution Switzerland)

    www.palmhealth.com (USA distributor, Colorado)

    https://www.feelingmuchbetter.org (USA distribution, Vermont State)

    cutcat@cutcat.com (USA distributor, New York State)

    www.comosystems.uk (United Kingdom distributor)

    www.naturalhealingsolutions.com (UK distribution)

    http://bioscem.ro/ (Romania distribution)

  www.protectie-electromagnetica.ro (Romanian distribution)

  https://eatfit.ro/diszpozitive-anti-radiatii-cmo-harmony (under distribution Romania)

    www.xblue.co.kr (South Korea distribution)

    https://protectioncem.com (Canada distribution)

    https://ligiapop.com/produse-recomandate/dispozitivele-cmo/ (distribution Italy)

    https://www.clenerj.net/protection (network advisors SYNERJ HEALTH)

    https://www.synerj-health.com/ (Synerj Health Network)

 (   Non-exhaustive list susceptible of occasional updates.)

    Other locations:

    Data transmission to subcontractors

    The data that we collect may be transmitted to the providers (subcontractors) to whom COMOSYSTEMS uses for the performance of its services for the purposes mentioned above, for example for the management, execution, processing, payment of your commands.

    We maintain a Register of Personal Information Management that designates and maps all intermediaries, subcontractors, suppliers, service providers, always in the context of the delivery of your orders. Each of these intermediaries must also be able to respect your rights according to the law and offer you the same guarantees of confidentiality on the personal data that they manage or store

8 / Data transfers

 Is my data being transferred outside the European Union?


To our shipping platform:

Sure : https://www.jmfieldmarketing.com/

J.M. Field Marketing

Address: 3570 NW 53rd Court

Fort Lauderdale

Florida 33309

9 / How we protect personal information:

    We maintain administrative, technical and physical safeguards designed to protect the personal information you provide against accidental, illegal or unauthorized use, disclosure, access, modification, loss or destruction. Although we take the necessary steps to restrict access to our facilities only to authorized persons, information outside packages or letters may be visible to others.

10 / Updates to our Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated periodically and without notice to reflect changes in our personal information practices. We will post a prominent notice on our websites informing you of any material changes to our Privacy Notice and will indicate at the top of the notification the most recent update date.

11 / How to communicate with us :

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, or if you would like us to update the information we have about you or your preferences, please contact us by e-mail using the Email Application.

Via our “Contact us” form in the home page footer. https://biohacking.comosystems.com/contact-us/

Person in charge of processing personal data at COMOSYSTEMS:


You can also send us a postal mail:


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