You will find several testimonies on this page, but this one if of particular interest because it is a “quantified” test: that biohacker wanted, with no expectation, to measure the physical and neuro-physiological impact using an efficient assessment tool called H.R.V (heart rate variability)*:

*Wikipedia: HRV is the measure of the inconsistent gaps between each heartbeat and is used as an index for different aspects of psychology. HRV is reported to be an index of the influence of both the parasympathetic nervous system and the sympathetic nervous systems. Different aspects of psychology represent the balance of these two influences. For example, high HRV is shown proper emotion regulation, decision-making, and attention, and low HRV reflects the opposite. The parasympathetic nervous system works quickly to decrease heart rate, while the SNS works slowly to increase heart rate, and this is important because it applies to the different psychological states mentioned above. For example, someone with high HRV may reflect increased parasympathetic activity, and someone with low HRV may reflect increased sympathetic activity.

Real testimonies

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