Neurophysical and Clinical level


What do the Stroop Color Test demonstrates ? Stroop Color and Word Test (SCWT) is a neuropsychological test extensively used to assess the ability to inhibit cognitive interference that occurs when the processing of a specific stimulus feature impedes the simultaneous processing of a second stimulus attribute, well-known as the Stroop Effect

119 PEOPLE TESTED ON THE BASIS OF STROOP COLOR TEST to test stress resistance exposed to EMF and protected with CMO technology

119 volunteers accepted to be tested for stress resistance, under the supervision of Dr Marande, occupational physician at Hopital Cochin (France) The stress symptoms studied in this protocol are usually related to ergonomic and environmental factors and the general stress of working in company offices. It seems as if chronic exposure to the radiation from computers screens can cause the same type of neurophysical, functional and inflammatory symptoms. This trial was conducted in two periods on one moth each before and after the placement of the CMO on the screen of the volunteer. The difference between the CMO protected group and the unprotected group is that 15% of the stress symptoms observed in screen users have disappeared when the users benefits from compensatory oscillation at his workplace (CMO). This demonstrates the presence of an electromagnetic stress which is, on its own, responsible for 15% of the symptoms that are usually recorded and which are caused by regular exposure to radiation from video screens. stress resistance Japan



Motivation and serenity.

Low intensity electromagnetic fields (EM) emitted by viewing screens change their users’ EM environment, which can effect brain function and results in a changed psychological status. Professor Canavan, a neuropsychiatrist, evaluated the psychological and emotional status of 100 students at his university working with cathode ray computer screens using the “Mood Test”.

Motivation and serenity levels* were increased by 48 (166%) and 46.8 (77%) points respectively in students protected by CMO compared to unprotected students (with a placebo**).

The presence of a compensatory oscillator (CMO) therefore greatly improved the psychological status of people working with cathode ray computer screens by making the EM environment biocompatible.

* see the quantification methods under the graphic.

**dummy: empty and inactive CMO


Clinical studies have been undertaken to demonstrate the effectiveness of CMO technology.What do these clinical studies mean and what can be gained from it as biohackers?Clements-Croome supervised three clinical investigations of neuropsychophysiological symptoms, all of which show that there is, on average, a 33% reduction in the symptoms experienced by people working in computer-equipped offices. regularly using mobile phones. These symptoms, grouped under the term “Building Stress Syndrome” (BSS) by scientists specializing in occupational health, were initially described and inventoried in offices equipped with computer terminals with display screens in the 80s and 90s. At present, living spaces are just as colonized and “contaminated” by the EMFs emitted by these technologies as the offices were in the 90s. Also, it can be deduced that many of the symptoms felt in the general population are integrable in the “BSS” described in the clinical studies carried out by Pr Clements-Croome. Indeed, the results of these studies are now quite extrapolated to the general population, now that homes, apartments and public places are also polluted in our daily lives by the same communication devices emitting the same types of artificial waves. The number and diversity of symptoms experienced by the population are partly related to this electromagnetic stress, through its biological influences on immune, hormonal, epigenetic and oxidative stress management phenomena, all biological parameters that we explored in the “Physical level” section below

. One of the major interests of these studies is that they have been carried out using the same extensive procedures as those used for placing drugs on the market, with active CMOs, or placebo CMOs for control groups, in duplicate or in single blind. The placebo manages to reduce by 7% the symptoms retained, whereas the active CMO brings an improvement of the symptoms, therefore of the performances, of approximately 33% which is very significant. The statistical tests performed show that the probability of obtaining such a result is less than 0.01. (1 chance out of 100) Which means for the biohackers that a third of the discomforts or sensations of tension or certain pains, headaches or migraines disappear when one gets rid of the electromagnetic stress part thanks to the CMO technology, bringing a general well-being and thus more easy to optimize its performance. Getting rid of one-third of its troublesome symptoms is the possibility that must be positively considered by biohackers, indicating that CMO equipment is an integral part of the biohacker’s baseline ahead of any other measure or any other product …