PC16 PCZONE is a personnal protection to compensate the radiation coming from your computer or laptop

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Protection against electromagnetic radiation from computers (all types of screens)


(PC16-PCZONE is the new optimized version of the PC15-PCZONE: better suited to modern flat computers, it can fit anywhere on computers, laptops and tablets and now has an optimized finish against wear and scratches.)
PC16-PCZONE compensates for the potential effects of computers, their electronic components, screens, Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi of the equipped device *.
PC16-PCZONE also compensates for the effects of EMF emitted by microwave ovens and induction plates.
Compatibility with other CMOs: note that the PC16-PCZONE cannot be replaced by any other CMO protection in our line of products: it is specific for this application so, reserved to computers, just like the CMO MP-24 EASYCALL is reserved for mobile phones: these devices are in direct contact with your body, other CMOs cover other needs corresponding to more remote sources (such as relay antennas, etc.). With a CMO, your computer, portable or desktop, becomes “biocompatible”, i.e. compatible with living organisms.


PC16-PCZONE simply sticks to the back cover of your computer, laptop
PC16-PCZONE is a so-called “personal” protection: its field of action can be illustrated by a “close protection bubble” around the protected person. It is not designed to protect third parties.

* Note: the influence of the CMO on its environment is given as an indication, but it cannot in any case be a precise measure: here, it is the limit of effectiveness of the corrective effect which is estimated by the RAC method (auricular-cardiac reflex). For more information(external study) : https://www.researchgate.net/publication/282519041_A_New_Method_in_Auricular_Medicine_for_the_Investigation_of_the_Nogier_Reflex


PC16-PCZONE is ultra-light (2.5 grams) and ultra-flat (dimensions: diameter 25 mm, thickness 4.3 mm).

Composition: CMOs are passive magnetic oscillators, operating without energy input: they activate in the presence of artificial electromagnetic fields.
Aluminum shell made of 100% aluminum.
Chemical composition of the active solutions: microcrystalline saline solution, treated electromagnetically.