Historical scientific research leading to a positive conclusion and commentaries


By Michel AERTS,
Scientific Consultant at COMOSYSTEMS

1. Why should I participate in such a health quiz related to COVID and ELECTROSMOG

The “scoop” is a rather disturbing discovery: Several reasons that we will develop further indicate that bacteria and viruses which are at a latent stage in our body, would be activated to become more pathogenic! Obviously, we could push the guess by saying that it is very likely that COVID in its pathogenic form has spread more rapidly due to the excess of certain electromagnetic fields produced by human activity!Below, MUCH SMALLER pictures of maps, side by side, to see rough comparison:

2. Where did such a bold idea come from?

Well, one of the 2 virologists who discovered the AIDS virus, Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize in medicine and director of the international foundation for research on AIDS, published a letter addressed to the director of the Academy of Sciences French in 2009. The letter, attached to this document, clearly stated (and please analyze each word and its meaning):

“Dear director, I recently published a scientific article showing that the low frequencies of the ambient electromagnetic environment (electrosmog) trigger the emission of electromagnetic fields from the DNA of infectious agents, viruses and bacteria present in the human body, and could potentially contribute to their pathogenic action. This phenomenon calls for caution in the face of the possible long-term effects of the electromagnetic fog to which we are exposed”.

A very recent study published in August 2020 (9), is concluding in a way that makes totally legitimate the warning written by Pr Montagnier:”At present, it is of great practical interest to investigate into the nature of electromagnetic signals emitted by the virus SARS-Cov-2 (the disease is technically Covid-19….)”And: “Since the manner of communication of any object is obviously anchored upon the memory storage capacity of the object, we have quantitatively estimated the information capacity both of a DNA and a water molecule. The astonishingly high value of the information capacity of water is the true key to an understanding as to why water is quintessential to life.”

The summary of the study below (1) confirms the correct definition of the alert that Professor Montagnier issued to the scientific community, a message that was obviously “heard” by no one:

3. Abstract:

A new property of DNA is described: the ability of certain bacterial DNA sequences to induce electromagnetic waves in high aqueous dilutions. It would be a phenomenon of resonance triggered by the ambient electromagnetic background of very low frequency waves.

There is no reason that this does not apply to the COVID virus: like all other viruses, it is quite possible that, without the multiplication of artificial electromagnetic fields called “electrosmog”, this virus could not have been known such a dazzling diffusion worldwide.

4. Geography of COVID and 5G

Moreover, COVID’s geographic propagation studies (2) on a world map show an almost perfect coincidence with the 5G technology implementation map.(3)(4)

Correlation is not causation, as there are many other possible confounding factors, but this connection nevertheless raises questions and leads us to want to better define the degree of impact of electromog on this pandemic :

5. Aggravating cofactors:

Cellular stress markers, or altered melatonin and cortisol levels: cofactors aggravating the pathogenicity of viruses:

We have already identified numerous biological markers revealing the phenomenon of electromagnetic stress, which demonstrate a clear impact of electromagnetic fields on immunity, which is seriously affected.

It must be considered that electrosmog is a stress for the body, of which the cortisol level is one of the markers. (5)

Stress generally exhausts our means of reactivity and adaptation which, in turn, will reduce our ability to provide defensive responses to infections. This decrease is accentuated with age leading to a greater vulnerability to infections.

University studies carried out by Pr Bastide (University of Montpellier, France) have shown that exposure to EMF (in which we are immersed) generates a drop in IgG antibody levels, which contributes to immunosuppression. (6)

This cellular stress is also expressed by the overproduction of Heat Shock Protein (HSP70), as observed in this study. (7)

Melatonin production is impaired in an environment of electromagnetic pollution, and we all know its direct link to the immune system. (8)

6. Conclusions

If we combine all these concordant factors: pathogenic DNA signals excited by electrosmog, to which is added altered immunity, we can very well understand that the maps of comparison of the extent of pandemics look identical to the maps the development of the 5G network.

And that all of these elements confirm Pr Montagnier’s fears about the responsibility of electromagnetic pollution in the spread of pandemics.

We wanted to go deeper into this question, and conducted a survey in France, among users of our technology, by means of a questionnaire.

The result showed us that the symptoms of Covid in infected people protected from electrosmog were much milder than those of unprotected people.

The survey covered a relatively small group (330 people), which moderates its statistical power.

This is where your contribution comes in: we can make a difference by advancing science with your help. Even if you do not use our technology, your testimony will strengthen the quality of the investigation. Thank you for your contribution, and follow us, we will publish the results soon.

I want to participate in this QUIZ


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